Next Generation European funds in Spanish companies

After having gone through the onslaught of the Covid-19 crisis, the global economic and financial problems created. By the appearance of the virus force the most important organizations in the world to take measures for recovery. The European Next funds are one of the measures created for this purpose. What are Next Generation European funds? The emergence of the virus or coronavirus not only put the health system in check. Generating millions of fatalities and patients around the world. But the different measures to try to combat and prevent it changed our lives forever.

What are Next Generation funds for

The effects of the pandemic from a triple action perspective: Increase aggregate demand. Support the countries most affected by the crisis and seek EU cohesion. Strengthen the economic growth potential of the block. Taking the above into account, the commission Fax Lists that outlined the details of the project establishes that more than of the amount. Be allocated to modernization, with a strong emphasis on the digitalization of the countries. Protect biodiversity and promote gender equality. For this to happen, within the Next Generation funds there are two main instruments: (MRR) Mechanism for Recovery and Resilience.

Next Generation European funds in Spain

Spain is, after Italy, the European country with the largest allocation of European Next Generation funds. Coinciding with two of the countries most affected by Covid both in terms of mortality. Infections and impact on the national economy. According Caseno Email List to the that will be applied. Our country would receive approximately million euros between grants and loans. They will be managed through the General State Budgets, and may be received between this year and . In relation to the React-EU funds, Spain will provide just over euros for their implementation. Billion euros over the next three years, more specifically through the Kit Digital program. In the regulations that regulate the use of Next Generation funds, the idea is that there are three types of recipients who can apply.

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