Doing so can help reduce the loading times of your website

Add structured data to your pages, this helps search engines display your images as rich results. Google Images can display structured data for product images, videos, recipes, and image metadata. Post: Guide to increasing reach on YouTube Tips to improve your pages with visual content Google recommends that, apart from optimizing the images themselves, you should improve the pages where you upload them, so you will offer a good experience to users. Among the tips are: Images and videos must be consistent with the content of the page. Google recommends uploading images “only if they add original value to the page.

Tips to improve your pages with visual content

You should always use original images. The ideal would be to place the images as close to the text as possible, that is, to support the text with images. In addition to a main one at the top. Do not put Cyprus WhatsApp Number List important text in images, such as headers, menus, among others. Since they may not load or someone may not be able to see them, in addition, they are not translated. Think about accessibility, for this it is important to use alt text to describe the images you insert on your website. Your website must be of quality because Google Images will not only take into account the visual element, but also the text and its quality. Mobile optimization is very important, we all know about mobile-centric indexing. Also, keep in mind that most Image searches are done from mobile phones.

Doing so can help  Summary of Image SEO

Google also takes into account the structure of the URLs, this path and the file name help it better understand the image. An ecommerce store with many images should structure the subfolders well, such as by Canada Telegram Number List product categories. Summary of Image SEO Optimization Before you start uploading your images to your site, make sure you follow the tips we mentioned above. We leave you a summary of SEO optimization for images: Choose the format of the images carefully. Reduce file size to improve image loading times. Make sure to optimize on-page SEO elements , such as structured data, meta data. It is a very important technical SEO aspect to position images. To improve crawling, add an image sitemap or make sure images are uploaded to the sitemap . Be aware of the copyright of the images. Upload only quality images to your website that look good and match the content you publish.

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