Discover the difference between a lead: a prospect and an opportunity

In order to better understand the process that your potential clients take to close a sale, it is necessary to know more about the different stages they go through and how they progress through their Buyer’s Journey. To get into context, I think it’s important to talk a little about the sales funnel . At the top are those contacts who could become customers, but do not yet know much about your company or are not ready to make a purchase. As they progress, they become educated about the brand and begin to learn how your product or service could help them meet their need. At the bottom are those ready to buy. Do you already have your contacts identified in each of these stages? With this article, you will learn a little more about the differences between a lead, a prospect and an opportunity.


In the next stage of the funnel, after the leads, we can find the prospects. These have already indicated to you that they have a certain interest in your products or services, so they have been qualified and meet certain characteristics that indicate that they are potential Buy Bulk SMS ServiceĀ  clients, for example, they fit with one of the Buyer Personas , they have the money to buy what you offer. or are the right people to make these types of decisions. What can we do with it? Since he has already shown interest in your company, it is advisable to continue feeding him with content, but a little different from what was used when he was only a lead. Here, as he is evaluating several options, we seek to convince him to consider your company, through content such as webinars and whitepapers.


In this, the potential client is already looking for how to meet their need or solve their problem, and is considering your product or service to do so. It is at this stage where the sale is most likely to close. What can we do with it? As you are already considering your company, the best thing you can do is keep the conversation active through calls or emails, and make a proposal that is aligned with your specific needs and objectives. Here, it is also valuable to offer them Caseno Email List demonstrations or share success stories that support the decision they are about to make.

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