Bing, Baidu, Yandex or Yahoo!: why SEO can (and should) migrate toensure great visibility

Although with 2,000 million users, the Google engine is not the only search engine that users turn to. Marketing agencies are already betting on alternatives that, despite ensure great visibility being less popular, gather a large and varied traffic that must be taken into account. Only Bing and Yahoo! They account for 11.4% of total searches. And it is for this reason that its value for SEO positioning has not stopped gaining followers. Table of Contents Searching search engine Is there life in SEO beyond Google? Bing and Yahoo!: diversifying positioning Why opt for other search engines? Searching search engine In the advertising and business promotion sector, it is clear that marketing has been able to adapt to digitalization more comfortably than anyone else. With this, the platforms and systems most used globally are the main preferences for brand positioning on the Internet . However, the excess of attention on the most popular engines is leaving aside very interesting market niches.

Why opt for other search engines

As an example of this, SEO for Bing , a search engine with its own algorithm and different specific tools, is a good complement or substitute for Google, the most popular engine. Precisely, due to its access to more segments of an audience that, in Cameroon WhatsApp Number List certain cases, avoids commercial search engines in search of other user experiences. And, therefore, gathering significant traffic sometimes unnoticed by the company. Is there life in SEO beyond Google? Among the most used, Google is undoubtedly the most popular. But, by focusing only on it, we ignore search engines that could expand our reach and diversify our positioning such as Baidu, Yandex, YEP or even Yahoo. Precisely, the search engine of the giant Microsoft, Bing , almost 14 years old, has 850 million users who perform 10 billion searches per month on average. Post: Why do users leave a website? #infographic Despite still being far from the data that Google encrypts, the real icing on the cake is that the operating system to which Bing belongs.

Diversifying positioning ensure great visibility

And, according to the SEO agency LaTevaWeb, Bing, together with Yahoo!, accounts for 11.4% of total desktop searches both in Spain and worldwide. This is because, since 2010, Bing has been Yahoo!’s search engine. Therefore, through both you  Thailand WhatsApp Number List access a group of traffic of interest for positioning. Bing and Yahoo!: diversifying positioning As mentioned, one of the assets to bet on this search engine is that Bing has its own algorithm and tools to work on the SEO positioning of our company. For example, Bing Webmaster Tools, whose possibilities require specific strategies and actions to achieve an optimal result. That is, carried out by SEO experts beyond the most popular engines. For its part, it should be said that moving to another search engine is simple because, in fact, Yahoo! works on Bing . So all the SEO carried out in this engine also affects the results of Yahoo.

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