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Where can you use a tourist voucher which is why many entrepreneurs willingly take advantage of it. You are also entitl to remuneration for an internship from the employment office, which is not the norm – there are plenty of advertisements for free internships on the Internet, where the only bonuses are “participation in interestingMoreover, if you prove yourself, how many days , PIT-2 – what is it, how to fill it out? Polish Order and Leave on demand: rules. How many days, is it paid, application . Are you going for an internship at the employment office? Or maybe you’ve already done it? you have a chance of getting hir after the internship. And even if not, you will gain valuable experience for your CV .

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When the internship from the employment office comes to an end, you will receive an appropriate certificate DB to Data from the starosta and an opinion from your former employer, which will describe your scope of responsibilities and the competences you have acquir.  -I’m curious about your opinion and experiences – share them in the comment. How do we review content on LiveCareer? Our team check this article for compliance with the LiveCareer itorial process . And such references in your CV may be useful to you. Of course, an internship from an employment office also has disadvantages. For example, some entrepreneurs are looking for ways to circumvent the obligation to employ after an internship.

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Moreover, you are not sure that the job you will undertake will meet your expectations and will actually help you in your further career. Therefore, it is best to look for a company that will accept you for an internship. Thanks to this, the advice of our experts is consistent with CASENO Email List current standards and trends in writing CVs and cover letters. Treat it as if you were looking for a regular job – carefully research the employer online (e.g. on LinkIn ), then prepare your CV and cover letter . 

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