Zhihu case analysis Summary

Database security requirements: Zhihu case analysis

Database security

Vital part of today’s network sec urity is of vital importance to Zhihu.

Zhihu Database Security Requirements Analysis

According to Zhihu’s business characteristics and user needs, its database security requirements can be summarized as follows:

Data confidentiality

Zhihu platform stores a la

Data controllability: Zhihu platform needs to ef meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

Zhihu Database Security Solution

In order to meet the above security Low-Code Development Trends for Enterprise Applications in 2024 requirements, Zhihu adopts a multi-faceted database security solution, including the following aspects:

Network security:

Build a multi-level net , includ

Zhihu Database Security Practice

Zhihu has accumulated rich experience in database security and achieved remarkable results. For example:

Zhihu has successfully implemented encrypted Zuckerberg reveals AI projects storage of the database, effectively protecting user sensitive data.

Zhihu has established

a complete database e regularly to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in a timely manner.
Zhihu has de

Enlightenment from

Zhihu Database Security Case

Zhihu’s database security practice case provides valĀ  to ensure database security.


Database security

is an important foundat ata security and reduce security risks.


Database security is an important foundation for enterprise information security.


Zhihu has successfully implemen protecting user sensitive data.




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