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A high repost rate is a good indicator that your content is resonating with your audience and has the potential to reach a larger audience. 5. Unsubscription rate unsubscribe rate tracks the percentage of recipients who unsubscribe after receiving While some  an email.  If the rate is too high. It could be a warning sign that your content is not relevant or attractive to your audience. Monitoring this metric can help you adjust your content strategy and maintain a healthy and engag. Email list.

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Subscribers interact with your emails over time can provide valuable insights into the long-term effectiveness of your newsletter. Find  Iran Data patterns in the changes in interaction indicators such as opens. Clicks. And conversions during the subscriber life cycle. This can help you determine how to re-engage subscribers or change your content strategy to keep subscribers interest.. 7. Revenue per email for businesses. The ultimate goal of email marketing is to increase revenue.

The revenue per email metric divides

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The total revenue generat. By your newsletter by the number of emails sent. This metric helps you understand the direct financial impact Cambodia Phone Number List of your newsletter and can be a powerful tool for demonstrating roi to shareholders . 8. Email roi similar to revenue per email. Email roi measures the overall profitability of your email marketing efforts. It takes into account the total revenue generat. By the newsletter and subtracts the costs associat. With setting up and sending the mailing.

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