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A positive roi means your email marketing is effectively utilizing resources. 9. Website traffic from emaili believe many friends have the same Which not only experience. When you finally finish making an edm and send it out. Although it arrives in the recipient’s mailbox. It becomes spam.  recipient to forget you. Emails. Which also causes the performance of emails to be greatly r.Uc.. How can we prevent emails from constantly entering the spam box? Let me tell you below what reasons we have violat. That have caus. Our emails to become spam.

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Understand how to optimize our emails to avoid this problem from happening again. The impact of spam first of all. Before we start to Indonesia Data  explain how to improve and optimize. We must first understand what impact will be caus. When the emails sent become spam. Emails become spam and are easily ignor. By recipients. Making all the efforts you put into wast.. Over time. It is also easy to cause esp operators to distrust you. Causing subsequent email sending performance to become worse and worse.

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Reasons why spam can easily become spam. And how to avoid it. Several possible reasons why your email may become spam 1. Spam  Brazil Phone Number List triggering text when we add spam triggering text in the content or subject of the email. Such as big discounts. Big sales. Big discounts. Weight loss. Consecutive exclamation points. Consecutive dollar signs. Etc.. These are more sensitive words can easily cause our emails to become spam.

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