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The following are five successful.  Cases of m production: m success stories (1) this cover is a product salesdm for the.  Biotechnology pharmaceutical industry. The content explains the powerful functions and advantages of electronic instruments. The text block at the bottom is us. This block is suitable for placing product introductions. The layout method of the . Left column and right column is , effectively making the overall m layout concise and clear, allowing the recipient to clearly see the presentation of the picture.

On the right, the text can be clearly described

And introduced, and the use of blue and white color schemes gives a professional and exquisite feeling. Industry: biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry m purpose: selling electronic instrument products design style: professional and  Japan Data easy to understand design techniques: blue and white color matching shows professionalism, the left picture and the right column make it simple and easy for the recipient to understand function application: bottom text block m success stories (2) this cover is an edm for selling mooncake gift boxes in the hotel industry.

The contrast between black and orange is

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Us in the layout color to highlight the atmosphere of the mid-autumn festival. Multi-image blocks are us in it. Multiple images can be adjust in layout at one time,  and easy layout method to help you easily integrate different pictures when  France Phone Number List you ne to combine them. Industry: hotel and tourism m purpose: selling moon cake gift boxes design style: warm and appropriate to the occasion design techniques: use black and orange color contrast to highlight the festive charm of the mid-autumn festival functional application: double picture block m success stories (3) this is the weekly edm of shenlong electronic news, which explains the recent situation in the company and the world.

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