what they are and how they work

In our daily lives we come across a large number of channels where we can position products and improve sales or positioning in the sector. It sounds tempting and we wish it were that easy to access each one of them at the moment, but they require specific characteristics, and controlling everything separately is impossible. Adapting the information and attributes of our products can be very complex. This is where feed managers come into play, our online catalogue generation tool . Get ready for a journey through how they work.

What is a feed management tool?

Let’s start with the basics, what we are dealing with: feed Bulgaria Mobile Number List  management tools or feed managers. They help us generate online catalogues to be able to position the products on different sales platforms (marketplaces, price comparison sites, affiliate networks…), that is, they create a data feed for you.

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When choosing a feed management tool, you should take into account, in addition to the price, the channels offered, the number of items it allows, and the connections it has (feed, API, integrations with other tools, etc.), among others.

In addition, there are several tools that offer complementary services that can even be used to receive orders, automating shipments and returns. Again, only some platforms allow this integration.

Product feed
A product feed or data feed is a file that contains a summary of the products or items you want to advertise.

It is usually in .csv, .xml or text file format and contains dynamic data that changes constantly, such as price or availability. If we view it as a .csv file we would see the different products in the rows and their attributes in columns, in .xml the general structure is the same, but in the form of a tree. Some of these attributes can be:


Size, color, availability, GTIN…

Its use and management tend to be especially complex India Phone Number List if there is a wide variety of products and fields.

In addition, each platform requires certain fields, with a unique name or structure. For example, in some channels, the availability attribute is necessarily numeric, while in others it is written in stock or out of stock. In another case, the condition field (whether the product is new, second-hand, etc.) is not necessary on all platforms.

It is essential to have a healthy data feed. And this is where we come in handy, to help with the performance of your campaigns. You will see it better with a practical example.

sale_price attribute
you don’t know how this badge works or you have doubts about adding this attribute, we remain at your disposal!

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