What should go into an email marketing report?

Emails sent? Funnel stages properly defined? OK. Now is the time to evaluate the results and apply the necessary adjustments. But do you know what information is relevant for a good email marketing report ? In this article, we will talk a little about this subject. Let’s go together?

What is email marketing and what is it for?

You have a product or service that needs to be made Indonesia Phone Number Data known to your target audience. To do this, you start a strategic marketing plan. In the strategy you outline, you define the need to generate and retain leads, and to do this, you use email marketing. Email marketing will deliver qualified content directly to the user, thinking about their moment of purchase, that is, their journey from knowledge to the actual purchase. The role of email marketing is to nurture a quality relationship with this audience.

When a user is approached with one of your digital baits and converts to your contact email.


Top, middle or bottom of funnel lead;

Or as a lead ready for conversion.
Based on this classification, the organization has Cambodia Phone Number List the opportunity to send you emails with specific content for each of the stages identified above.

In this way, the lead advances through the funnel as it is nurtured with content, until it reaches the purchase stage, where it is attracted to conversion and then placed on a list of customers who will be approached with content for repurchase.

Why do I need an email marketing report?

Now that you understand the importance of well-planned email marketing for your digital strategy, let’s understand the advantages of good metrics.

Contrary to what many people thought, emails did not die with the advent of social media. In fact, they have become an even more valuable weapon, especially when it comes to marketing strategies. After all, users and prospects often come directly from these media to a landing page, which is the gateway to capturing and registering an email.

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