What is sensory marketing

Connecting the consumer’s senses with your product or service is the highway that will take your brand to its destination: success.

But how can you get on that highway? Or better yet, how can you access the fast lane and stay there?  Well, easily, through sensory marketing.

Stimulating the five senses of consumers creates a connection that evokes emotions, serving as a basis for the use of sensory marketing strategy.

It is not about using this strategy indiscriminately; you must achieve emotional commitment between the client and your product so that they remember it.

What is sensory marketing

To achieve this, you must appeal to the five senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. company.

By focusing on sensations, sensory Brazil Phone Number Data marketing has a positive effect on the customer as it relates their personal aspects such as memories, imagination, feelings, among other things, with what you offer them.

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Sensory marketing and the stimulation of the five senses

Sensory marketing aims to UAE Phone Number List stimulate one or more of the five senses to generate a connection between the consumer and the product being offered.

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