What do customers expect from the strategy?

Promoting an omni experience consists of offering the consumer a fluid, simple, practical, yet dynamic and precise experience. This format ensures that the relationship between the customer and the company is not interrupted, regardless of the channel through which they are interacting.

Omnichannel emerged from the need to serve an increasingly connected, informed and demanding audience — currently, the 5.0 consumer.

Formed by people who make extensive use of technology to resolve different issues in their daily lives, one of its main characteristics is the search for more humanized and personalized service.

Furthermore, these customers expect companies to resolve their issues increasingly quickly and effectively.

One of our Customer Experience Trends

Reports showed that for over 60% of consumers, being able to resolve something quickly is the most important aspect of considering their experience to be good.

Furthermore, 57% indicated that the service provided is one of the most important factors in becoming loyal to a brand, second only to the price charged.

Considering all this, what else do customers expect from an omnichannel experience and how can your company meet all these expectations? Read this article and find out!

What is an omni experience (omnichannel experience)?
An omni experience, or omnichannel experience, aims to provide customers with faster, more agile and more effective service. The idea is that Female number data buyers and those interested in solutions can interact with the company through different channels, migrating between one and another without interruptions.

The omnichannel experience concept emerged due to the increasingly constant and frequent use of different technologies, which led consumers to become increasingly demanding.

Female number data

This happened because as access

to information became much easier and simpler, people acquired much more knowledge about products, services, as well as their rights and duties. With this, they can better define what they want and what they don’t want from brands, becoming Belgium Phone Number List more thorough and rigorous with the services they receive.

Just to illustrate this scenario, know that nine out of every 10 Brazilians search on Google before buying , according to a survey commissioned by Google Brazil and published in a report on the website Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios .

The study also revealed that the well-informed consumer spent twice as much in 2023, and made almost three times more purchases than shoppers who did not do such thorough research online.

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