We tested Click To Message on LinkedIn Ads

What were the consequences of the disappearance of Inmail Ads?

The same thing happened to LinkedIn’s revenues when it lost part of its value as an advertising platform. Since then, it has certainly had a clear negative impact on the bottom line.

For this reason, LinkedIn (which does nothing but invest a lot of effort in innovation) got to work to unblock and launch a new format that complied with these privacy policies , while trying to maintain the performance that those Inmails oave us . That’s where our new friends come in: Click To Message campaigns on LinkedIn Ads.

The Alpha Program

At marketinhouse , together with our client IMF Smart Education , we have had the privilege of testing this new type of campaign exclusively. We have been part of this pilot or Alpha version , which only 20 companies at a European level have been able to access.

In this post we will tell you how it works, although it will surely change between now and the Beta version is released and, of course, until the final version arrives.

What is Click To Message Ads?

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Click To Message Ads seek to maintain direct interaction with the user, the ability to engage in conversation with them, and maintain the possibility of giving them options or creating an informative flow or responses based on their actions; but avoiding the aggressiveness that previous Inmail or Conversation Ads formats had or have.

How do they do it?

Preventing the user from receiving all Message Ads in their inbox  Belgium Phone Number as before, and forcing the conversation to only start when they proactively click .

Let me go a little deeper into this matter:

The user browses LinkedIn via its mobile app or the web. Then, they come across a sponsored content ad, which at first glance appears to be any other ad if you don’t give it a touch of personalization.


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