Want to read deleted messages on WhatsApp? Now you can

Facebook has brought many new features to WhatsApp. These improvements make this already excellent messaging service that everyone has adopted even better. Of course, not everyone welcomes these changes.

One of these changes is the possibility of deleting sent messages. However, they could not be recovered. Now, this situation has been overcome thanks to an extension and it is now possible to read messages that have been deleted on WhatsApp.


Although it is a feature that most people like, the truth is that many would like to be able to recover and read these deleted messages. These are usually sensitive messages that reveal information that you do not want to share.

WA Web Plus brings you everything you need
Of course, the apps are prepared to delete these messages, as you would expect. But thanks to a little trick, they can be recovered and read without any problem. All you need is a Chrome extension and the WhatsApp Web page to be open. It’s called WA Web Plus and it’s the solution you’re looking for .

WhatsApp deleted messages Chrome WA Web Plus

This Chrome extension aims to be a way to get eve Wuhan Mobile Number List n more out of the web version of WhatsApp. It allows you to change many of the visible options and adapt this service to what the user needs and wants. It is always present at the same time and helps the user at any time.


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Is it possible to read deleted messages on WhatsApp?

What WA Web Plus brings as an additi Brazil Phone Number on is the messages that are deleted. Just by having this extension present and WhatsApp Web open, it becomes possible to recover these messages. The rule created is bypassed and the messages are delivered and not deleted.

WhatsApp deleted messages Chrome WA Web Plus

Of course, there’s a lot more to this add-on. You can activate a night mode, hide your contacts from view, or hide messages from being displayed on the main screen. There are even more options, such as changing the background image or starting conversations with unregistered contacts.

The benefits of using this Chrome extension
Even though it focuses on deleted messages, WA Web Plus offers much more. Just have it present and active to get even more out of this service, without any detriment and with all the obvious advantages.

Homepage: WA Web Plu

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