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But taken together. They can tell your entire email marketing story. 1. Conversion rate conversion rate is arguably one of the most critical metrics in There are two  email marketing. It measures the percentage of your emails that directly lead to recipients completing an intend. Action. Such as making a purchase or filling out a form. This metric directly connects your newsletters to business results. Clearly showing how effective they are in driving sales and other key goals.

 Return rate bounce rate There are two  is the percentage

Of mail that cannot be deliver. To the recipient’s mailbox.  Which occur when the email address is invalid or the domain name does not  Iraq Data exist; software bounces are usually a temporary problem. Such as a full mailbox. High bounce rates can hurt your sender rating and r.Uce the effectiveness of your newsletters. 3. Email list growth rate this metric measures how quickly your email list is growing.

Continuously tracking how many new

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Subscribers you acquire and how many you lose (through unsubscribes and bounces) can provide insight into the overall health and traction  Canada Phone Number List of your email program. A growing list represents a healthy level of engagement and attention for your brand. 4. Forward/email sharing forward rate or email share rate is an often overlook. Metric that represents the appeal and value of your content to your audience. It measures how often your subscribers forward your email to others or share it on social m.

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