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First, you can see the company’s logo at the top of the m, so that the recipient knows the corresponding window. Where, next there should be a clear main picture to attract the recipient’s attention and clearly understand the main content of the email. If there is too much text to add, consider using hyperlinks so that interest recipients can click to view the full text, and then place a call-to-action button (cta) so that recipients who are interest in the product or activity can click to purchase or sign up to enhance the promotion.

In the era of information explosion

Conversion rate. Finally, at the bottom of the m, the company’s contact information is plac so that recipients who want to know more about Germany Data  the content can contact us for consultation. I hope that through this explanation, everyone familiarity with the production and layout elements of m and the application of block functions in the drag-and-drop itor. I hope that in the future, the platform and m design will be smoother and smoother.

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The new year is coming, the itor would like to wish you all a happy new year in advance! Good luck in the year of the rabbit!Share author Mexico Phone Number List  introduction_liz do you often feel that your sales or promotions are weak? You are obviously a potential customer, but whether you send coupons through the store or inform you of new event information over the phone, the customer’s response still does not meet your expectations. , each customer has limit time to focus and prefers to use different tools.

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