The use of sensory marketing as a sales strategy

The use of the senses is the type of strategy that directly intervenes in your purchasing decisions, especially olfactory marketing, since through smell the brain has a greater capacity to remember. 

According to studies, humans are able to remember 1% of what they touch, 5% of what they see, 15% of what they taste and up to 35% of what they smell, so smell is the sense that most often uses memory and emotions. Did you know?

Many times you have arrived at a place and when you smell the smells, you automatically evoke situations in your life, you remember positive or negative episodes, but that in some way have influenced who you are today… 

Through aromas, your memory takes you to places or situations you have experienced and allows you to associate them with your emotions. 

The use of sensory marketing as a sales strategy

Is a technique based on attracting Qatar Phone Number Data customers in a sensorial way, highlighting colors, flavors, textures, sounds and smells to stimulate consumers. 

The smell of success, is it something that can be perceived? In this post we will give you more information related to olfactory marketing and its power 

You will see that smells do matter and much more than you can imagine… Join us!

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What is olfactory marketing

Olfactory marketing is an offline USA Phone Number List sales technique that appeals to the customer’s senses, evoking emotions through smell by using different smells, fragrances and aromas that, in addition to making an impact, connect the potential customer with the product or brand and the memory evoked.

This type of strategy allows you to attract a larger number of customers, which in turn generates an increase in product sales, without using aggressive or intrusive marketing strategies. 

Influence of aromas on the purchasing decision

Aromas generally generate sensations that in one way or another influence the decision a customer makes regarding whether or not to buy a product from your business. 

This is because if the smell that the public perceives inside your store is pleasant, obviously their sensation will also be pleasant and this well-being will make them consider making the purchase.

Olfactory marketing is so powerful that in addition to increasing sales of your product, it also helps strengthen your brand by associating aromas with the mood that those aromas produce.

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