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Short urls (abbreviat. Addresses) are us. In emails. Short urls are plac. In emails. Which can easily be judg. As phishing emails by esp. Leading to spam or even rejection. For example. Https://reurl.Cc/mxnz3m . Etc.  The original url  And becomes an abbreviat. Url. 3. Placing too many links in the email. Placing too many links in the email  The original url  will cause esp to scan the email for too long. Which will be unfriendly to the recipients and easily cause the email to become spam.

You should put a The original url  link in the email

The number of links in an email should be controll. Within 8. Which is a more appropriate number of links. And do not place duplicate Vietnam Data links in the same letter. 4. There are only pictures in the email. The content of the email contains only a single uncut picture without any text. Which can easily be classifi. As spam. Simply putting pictures will cause esp to be unable to interpret the content of the sender’s email.

This requires placing alt text helps esp

Phone Number Data

Facilitate interpretation. It is also very important to balance the ratio of pictures and text. Add text and pictures together and  Australia Phone Number List design together. It is recommend. That the ratio of pictures to text is 6:4. 5. Use a personal mailbox to send emails with a non-brand. Sender name and an unfamiliar name. It is easy for the recipient to mistake it for a scam or phishing email.

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