The five senses and sensory marketing

The five senses and sensory marketing

Below we will detail how each of the senses work in sensory marketing:  

1. Visual marketing

This type of marketing focuses on the use of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. It is an offline strategy and can easily be applied to merchandising, physical sales sites, packaging, shop windows and more.

Remember that the main objective of stimulating this sense is to remain in the memory of your clients for a long time.

Important aspects to consider in visual marketing: 

  • Color is very important to persuade when buying.

  • The other aspect is the lighting Korea Phone Number Data of your premises, in addition to the feeling of warmth, it helps to better perceive the quality of the materials of your product.

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 Olfactory marketing

It is the most powerful of the senses UK Phone Number List in terms of memory and emotions, which is why stimulating this sense is a tool that must be used very well.

For some big brands, adopting their own scent has helped them position themselves comfortably and safely in their target market.

We know that this is a point that you are interested in expanding on, and that is why we inform you that there is an article on our blog, dedicated especially to olfactory marketing.

Important aspects to consider in olfactory marketing: 

  • Don’t mix scents if you want to create an olfactory image for your brand.

  • The other point is to keep the focus on what you want to convey with your aroma, so that what the client perceives is exactly what you want them to remember.

3. Tactile marketing

You can play with your creativity to achieve unique packaging and choose an engraving or relief for the bags or packaging, or create a combination of different textures that are pleasing to the eye and touch, while also light and resistant.

Important aspects to consider in textile marketing: 

  • Let the materials and textures be soft to the touch.

  • The presentation and delivery of the product must also be a point of reference for distinction with respect to products from other brands.

4. Auditory marketing

Music is an excellent generator of emotions. It is a perfect tool that will help you persuade and stimulate the purchase intention of a potential customer.

That is why you must find the perfect balance between your brand image and the values ​​you want to convey.

Important aspects to consider in auditory marketing:

  • Music is so influential in a customer’s mood that it can lead them to buy a product .

5. Taste marketing

 Both are closely linked to emotions and the evocation of lived experiences.

If you want to connect your brand with the customer’s memory, using strategies such as giving away candy will fix your memory in their purchasing memory, even if you are not directly related to the food or beverage sector.

Important aspects to consider in taste marketing: 


  • You must keep in mind that if a good flavor catches a customer’s attention, an unpleasant flavor would generate the opposite effect.


Sensory marketing strategies help build customer loyalty

If you want to increase your sales, you have to forget about the monetary value of your product. A customer will remember their shopping experience if it was satisfactory. If they receive good service, friendliness, education and respect, they will pay whatever it takes and remain faithful to their standards.

For this reason, the product brand must have values ​​and emotions associated with it and in a market where the consumer seeks to live totally gratifying shopping experiences, not using sensory marketing strategies would be a huge mistake.

Benefits of sensory marketing

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