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Industry: magazine and periodical publishing industry m purpose: 2022. Taipei financial expo promotion design style: colorful and rich in elements design techniques: use 101 element pictures and the presentation of many colors for configuration to show diverse colors and make the recipients lively and exciting feelings. Functional  The content is  application: navigation bar block m success stories (5) this m is produc for the hotel and tourism industry.  the accommodation discounts and food discounts provid.

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Distinguish the two, but the most important thing is that they have arrang actions. For links to calls, when customers are interest in France Data  housing offers, they can click the orange cta button for housing offers. If they want to know more about  The content is  food offers, they can click the blue cta button for food offers. This call-to-action button is very important. The most important opportunity to improve conversion rate.

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Early spring travel guide promotion design style: stagger layout of bright and dark colors design techniques: the title uses a bright orange  New Zealand Phone Number List design to attract the recipient’s attention, and then through the contrast of dark blue, it will the reservation type information and the food type information are clearly separat. Function application: button block after introducing these five successful cases of m production, I wonder if you have notic that these successful cases have some things in common.

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