Teacher placement lists now available online

And the day has finally arrived when many teachers will find out what their lives will be like next year. The teacher placement lists were released this Friday and 24,000 teachers were placed.


Teacher placement lists now available online

The lists of teachers have now been published on the portal of the Directorate-General for School Administration .

Under the terms of paragraph 3 of ar Belarus Mobile Number List ticle 15 of Decree-Law no. 132/2012, of 27 June, in the current version, the following were published on the DGAE website:


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If you are a teacher, find out where you have been placed.

The ranking, placement and n Belgium Phone Number on-placement lists, organized by recruitment groups.
The exclusion lists, organized by recruitment groups.
The list of candidates withdrawn due to a change in their competitive status, organized in alphabetical order.
The list of hired candidates who renew their placement for 2019/2020, organized in alphabetical order and recruitment group.
The list of candidates who dropped out, organized by recruitment groups.
Candidates placed in the Internal Mobility and Initial Recruitment Competitions must report to the School Group or Non-Grouped School where they were placed, within 72 hours of their placement.

Teacher placement lists now available online

In cases where the presentation cannot be made in person due to vacation, maternity, illness or other reason provided for by law, the placed candidate must, on the 1st working day of September, either personally or through an intermediary, communicate the fact to the group of schools or non-grouped school by presenting, within five working days, the respective supporting document.

The placement lists refer to the placement of tenured teachers and the initial placement of contracted teachers.

Teacher Placement Lists

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