Precise tracking plays a big role in

Subsequent marketing optimization. 4.Send sms although everyone has a mobile phone, and they can definitely receive text messages if they have a mobile phone, and many companies will also send birthday gifts to customers through text  Precise tracking  messages, but due to the increasingly serious leakage of personal information, the public’s trust in text messages has decreas. In terms of price, on average, a text message requires a sending fee of 1-2 yuan, and there is also a limit on the number of words and pictures, and the opening rate of the text message cannot be track, only the delivery rate.

Digital marketing tools omni-channel

Marketing case: watsons watsons is also the best example of moving from stores to omni-channel marketing. In addition to stores, watsons  India Data also develops apps, sends e-newsletters, establishes shopee mall, and mobile text messages to have multi-facet contacts with customers, allowing customers to no matter which consumption mode customers are accustom to using, they can be updat in real time with news about exclusive discount coupons and large-scale discount activities. Different discounts will also be issu on shopee, app, e-newsletters, and stores, so that customers are willing to take the initiative.

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Even though digital marketing tools have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is undeniable that customers’ habits, interests, and orientations  Latvia Phone Number List are difficult to grasp. Therefore, making good use of the advantages of each digital marketing tool to achieve “Omnichannel marketing” can make enterprises more efficient. Actively and comprehensively serve every customer and create a good sales relationship. If you want to start “Omnichannel marketing”, the most important thing is to have a member list.

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