Powerful Words for Writing Texts That Convert

A single word has the power to make or break your text.

It is no wonder that writing is an art and that mastering it requires a lot of training and study, in addition to choosing between powerful and weak words.

Read this excerpt below and see what you think:

“Yet here we are, decades later, and our writing and content are still filled with revolutionary, value-added, impactful, cutting-edge words designed to leverage, encourage and synergize the current paradigm.”

I don’t know about you, but to me it’s nothing more than a bunch of fancy words that form sentences that mean very little. The message gets lost in the midst of so many weak and poorly placed words.

In addition to choosing powerful words, you also need to take care of the order in which you write them.

The order of powerful words changes the outcome of your sentence

What is the most important word in a sentence?


The first?
The middle one?
The last?
See the difference in the Singapore Phone Number Data construction of these sentences:

1) On September 1st, make a transfer to me of R$750.00.

2) Make a transfer to me of R$750.00 on September 1st.

What is highlighted in the first sentence?

The amount of R$750.00 that one person owes to another.

Now, what is marked in the second sentence?

The day she will need to make the payment is September 1st.

With a simple change in the order of the text, it is possible to place the reader’s thoughts wherever you want.

The last word of a sentence is marked like the last blow of the hammer on the nail that fixes a picture to the wall.

Here’s a famous example from American President John F. Kennedy:

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Notice that he emphasizes the word “country” at the end of the sentence.

In other words, it takes the focus off the person (“you”) and puts the focus on the United States (“country”).

This historic phrase would lose all its force if it were constructed as follows:

“Ask what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you.”

Small changes. Big results.

Always put the powerful  Australia Phone Number List word in the sentence at the end.

Even more so if you’re going to write a title …

Powerful Words for Irresistible Headlines
The 80/20 of your text is in the title, so it deserves 80% of the time you dedicate to writing .

But to help speed up this process, you can count on the powerful words present in the titles that never fail to successfully fulfill their mission.


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