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Positioning Product Review System This system prefers to position quality product review pages that have been written by authors  experts. To rank reviews they must have  analysis and original research. RankBrain RankBrain is another of Google’s artificial intelligence systems, one of the most important, it helps you understand how words relate to concepts. Which allows Google to show results that don’t necessarily have the exact word the person  for. Reliable information system They are systems that help Google show only pages with relevant information, that have authority, and thus avoid poor quality content.

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Which is also to investigative journalism, since it better positions quality articles. Site Diversity System This positioning system avoids positioning two pages of the same site for Greece WhatsApp Number List  the same search. Spam detection systems It is a system that works to remove content and behavior that violates Google’s spam policies . SpamBrain and other systems are included. Retired Google positioning systems Google remembers some systems that they no longer use to position websites, including: Hummingbird: it began to be in 2013, but positioning systems have  and that is why it is no longer used. Mobile-optimized positioning system: This was incorporated into the page experience system. Page ​​System: This update was  in 2018, but is now part of the Page Experience System.

Retired Google positioning systems

Panda: is one of the best-known algorithm updates, which rewarded quality and original content. Now Panda is part of the algorithm’s core systems . Penguin: It began to be used in 2012 to remove Kenya Telegram Number List sites that followed spam practices for link building from the ranking . In 2016 it became part of the core or main positioning systems. Secure site system: this  sites with HTTPS, it had been used since 2014. It is another of the systems that became part of page experience . Knowing the current and  Google positioning systems will help you know what the search engine considers when positioning sites today. Remember that if you need help with your strategy you can contact us .


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