Not optimizing images for SEO

Using images with file sizes that are too large – this causes the website to load slower, especially on mobile devices (not to mention the bandwidth Not optimizing images for SEO  required to download large images on mobile devices). Using too many images – Unless you are a fashion news website, using many unnecessary images will overload the website and confuse users. Don’t use ALT text – ALT tags help search engines understand what the image is about and don’t use alt text which makes their job much harder.

Image SEO best practices

Optimize your image file size before publishing. If you have a large WhatsApp Number  image (i.e. 2400×1200) then think before publishing it. Use any photo editing software to crop the image to a reasonable size, i.e. 800×600, then save that image file for the web, so that the file size is optimized. Any modern photo editing software like photoshop or pixelmator has many options to minimize image file size without losing quality. If you need to use multiple images on a page, don’t add them full size but use thumbnails to show smaller versions of images, and if users want to see the largest version, they can Click the thumbnail. Before adding images to your page, make sure you use descriptive ALT text.

There are many more SEO mistakes

These are the top SEO mistakes that people make over and over again. The bottom line is that most of them are very easy to avoid. All you have to do is go through the list and make the necessary corrections. Which of the CASENO Email List  above SEO mistakes are the most common? Are there any common SEO mistakes missing from the list I mentioned above? Please help me add this content.

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