Marketing funnel: where does the SMS and Email Marketing strategy come in?

Forgive me for the other techniques, but the marketing funnel is a great ally when it comes to conversion and engagement. Used effectively, it can bring great benefits to a strategy and make a difference in your communication.

If you have no idea what a marketing funnel is and you stumbled upon this article, I guarantee you made the right choice. Let’s start by educating you on this subject, so you can stay away from the group of managers who create campaigns with low reach and low effectiveness.


What is a marketing funnel?

The marketing funnel is a very important technique in South Africa Phone Number Data digital planning, as it ensures that each content and bait finds its ideal recipient, generating connection, interest and continued consumption, until the conversion and loyalty of leads.

This technique is called a “funnel” because the number of visitors is captured in a decreasing manner, that is, several people are attracted to the mouth of the funnel, in a process of enchantment, with interesting content. As the user “goes down”, the content takes on an objective form in relation to your product or service. The number of visitors also decreases so that in the end only the ideal leads for conversion remain.


But, let’s go through the steps so you can understand better:


Top of the funnel

This is the stage best known to content marketing Brazil Phone Number List enthusiasts, as it is here that we nurture our visitors with attractive materials, such as practical tips, explanations of technical terms and application usage, for example.

Now the user is just a visitor and has no idea who you are or what you offer. They just felt curious and decided to check out what else you have to offer, so they ended up browsing through your other content, feeding on the ones that best suit them. We call this phase learning and discovery.


Middle of the funnel

Here the story begins to change. You are already giving indications of what services and products you offer, but you have not yet made the offer. This is not the time yet, so your materials are still purely informative and attractive, but now your visitor already knows a lot of things that were previously basic to him.

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