Main types of blog advertising

Although consider that you can’t just wear a trend because it’s fashionable, it must adapt to your message and your products. Share new product launches If you’re wondering how to sell with reels on Instagram , sharing product launches is one of the best options to take advantage of this type of short content. Take advantage of the reels to give descriptions of new products, it is a simple and short way to make them known. Also take advantage of this platform to show offers, promotions and upcoming events. Not everything is entertainment Social networks are an excellent window for education, beyond their entertainment purpose.

Native advertising

As a business, you must think about your audience and why they would be viewing your reels, as well as the target audience. Post: Facebook updates algorithm for the order of news on your wall If you create reels focused on entertainment you will get many views and brand awareness . But you can also take advantage of this platform to educate, show how they can use your products or how they can take care of them so that they last longer. By being well positioned you will have more organic traffic and the possibility of generating more conversions. Search engines are also a source of stable traffic. Others, such as social networks, attract visits in a short time, but when they reach a peak they fall. On the other hand, if you maintain good organic positioning, traffic will be more consistent and will be maintained over time. To optimize a blog it is necessary to work on on-page SEO and off-page SEO .

Implementation of advertising

With reels you can make tutorials, educational content that is very helpful for your followers. Publish consistently Posting consistently is one of the best ways to rank for Instagram reels. You increase the chances of going viral, the algorithm prefers that you publish new things. There are many options on how to use Instagram reels for your business, it is key that you learn to make the most of this platform or that you hire a community manager , since the social network gives more and more visibility to this type of content. Remember to use the tools to measure the performance of your publications so you will know what you need to improve and what you are doing well.

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