LimeLeads + NeverBounce

Today we’re happy to announce our new NeverBounce integration.s an industry leading email verification API – and now all of our data will be verified through them for no extra charge to our users.

First time hearing of us? LimeLeads provides quality business leads to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large sales team.

Live Email Verification

We’re constantly innovating and looking for ways to separate ourselves from the pack. While other companies market stale databases, LimeLeads only deals with verified data.

We’re taking it one step further with our Live Email Verification feature. In short:

Every time you export data from our Mexico Phone Number Data platform, we’ll send each email through NeverBounce and instantly remove any dead emails.

As soon as the verification is complete, we refund you any credits for dead emails. No more bounces my friends!

Phone Number Data

Why NeverBounce?

We’ve evaluated just about every email verification option available. NeverBounce stood out for a few reasons – accuracycustomer support, and speed.

Accuracy is a no-brainer.

Their support team made integration and testing a breeze – thanks NeverBounce!

But what it really came Belgium Phone Number down to is speed. LimeLeads gives our customers access to over 10 Million B2B contacts.

Some of our customers are exporting hundreds of thousands every month – we needed a verification partner that can keep up with our demand.

You’re awesome NeverBounce, thanks for making such a solid product.

Our customers gave us the idea for Live Email Verification

Our customers are awesome. We’re lucky enough to have a solid base of returning customers that are willing to give us feedback and direction.

We consistantly received requests for a live verification feature, and our engineers made it happen right away!

Do you have any questions?

Either write a comment at the bottom of this post – I’ll answer every single one – or email us aending an email there makes our entire team’s phones beep,

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