Information with INSERT & DELETE 

Ever felt with stuff? Maybe it’s time to sort through and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Well, databases are kind of like digital houses.

like your house is overflowing

Veed cleaning out too! That’s where INSERT and DELETE come in. These aren’t fancy cleaning products, but they are powerful tools for keeping your database organized.

Database Makeover Adding & Removing

Think of INSERT as adding new furniture to your house. Maybe you just bought a comfy new couch. With INSERT, you can add information about that couch (like its color and size) to a specific “room” in your database (like a table called “furniture”).

Here’s how INSERT works

This "instruction" tells the EX Mobile Phone Numbers database to add a new entry to the "furniture" table. "Color" and "size" are the categories of information we're adding, and "blue" and "large" are the specific details for this new couch.

DELETE, on the other hand

is like taking out that old, broken chair. You don’t need it anymore, and it’s just taking up space. DELETE lets you remove information from your database.


Here’s how DELETE works

This “instruction” tells the database to remove entries from the “furniture” table where the “size” is “small.” Be careful with

DELETE though! Without the “WHERE size

Small'” part, you’d be deleting Zhihu case analysis Summary everything in the “furniture” table, which wouldn’t be good!

Here are some tips for using INSERT and DELETE safely:
  • Make sure you’re adding the right kind of information (like numbers for size, not words).
  • Double-check what you’re deleting with the “WHERE” part of the DELETE statement.
  • Back up your database before making big changes, just in case!
By using INSERT and DELETE

effectively, you can keep your database tidy and efficient. Think of it as spring cleaning for your digital world!

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