Google Analytics Cohort Analysis

Google Analytics Cohort Analysis

When we talk about cohort analysis or group  Taiyuan Mobile Number List analysis, we are referring to a comparative analysis between several groups, that is, the comparison of behavior by several groups of users with similar characteristics in relation to the same action (dimension). For example, users of different ages who purchased a product in a specific period of time.

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This cohort or group can provide us with valuable information about the behaviors and impact generated in certain groups of users.

Report Setup for Cohort Analysis

To configure the Report in Google Analytics you must take into account several factors and characteristics by which to create the cohort or group of users.

We will access it from the main Google Analytics Iran Phone Number List  view in the audience > cohort analysis report.Google Analytics Cohort AnalysisAs we can see in the view, there are several parameters to segment:

Cohort type : In Google Analytics there is only one type of cohort and it is “acquisition date”, so we could not segment by another “type”.

Cohort Size – Cohort Size filters users belonging to a specific time slice day, week, and month.

Metric: By default, Google Analytics offers us 3 main metrics with their different segments.

By user : sessions per user, revenue per user… In this main metric we can segment by different user behaviors, including those mentioned above.
Retention: Retention measures the number of users who have re-engaged within an 8-day period.
Total: The total shows us different segments such as objectives or important actions such as: income, sessions, transactions…
Period: In the period we can segment the time period we want to analyze: 7, 14, 21 or 30 days.

Once the main parameters have been configured, we can make comparisons by acquisition date.

Google Analytics Cohort Analysis
We can also add segments to our cohort analysis, segments can be based on conditions such as: location, landing pages, sessions or user types.

The Cohort Analysis report is based on users, so if session-based segments are added, data may differ between users.

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