Google Ads Advertising for Local Service Businesses

If you want to set up Google Ads Search Network campaigns or use Google Ads Local to advertise the services of a local business, here are some tips to help you structure your Google Ads account.

These tips for Google Ads Search Network campaigns are more geared toward advertising service

Businesses (for example: Psychology Center, Dental Clinic, Plumber, Home Improvement, etc.), but they can also be applied to product sales stores (sports store, shoe store, travel agency, etc.).

Local Google Ads Campaigns Vs General Campaigns Ecuador Mobile Number List for Local Businesses
To see what campaign structure we are going to use, we are going to first put ourselves in the user’s shoes. How do you search for a service you need in your area? Do you include the name of the area in your search? Within the different search terms that users can use, we are going to divide them into two types:

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Those who search with the name of the location: “dentist in Santander”, “bricklayer in Chamartín”
Those who search without a location: “child psychologist”, “English academy near me”
We cannot include the keyword “child psychologist” or “English academy near me” in a campaign with a location throughout Spain. Therefore, to solve this we must create geolocalized campaigns and general campaigns.

Geolocalized Campaigns

These are campaigns that target advertising to a specific location. That Australia Phone Number List  is, a campaign where the target location is the one that Therefore,  corresponds to where we offer the service. The first and most important thing is to take into account the type  of service we offer to know which are our target locations:

If we are the ones who travel to offer the services (plumber, painter, etc.), we Therefore, will include the locations that we cover Therefore,  during our trips.
If our service is offered in a fixed location (training centre, nursery, psychological consultation, etc.), we will have to take into account how far away users are willing to come and the competition we have around us. For example, a massage centre in Therefore,  a district of Madrid, where there are several similar Therefore,  businesses in each district, is not the Therefore,  same as a massage centre in Valladolid, where perhaps someone from the surrounding Therefore,  towns, or even from Palencia, is willing to go to Valladolid to hire that service due to the limited supply in Therefore,  their area.
How to enter a specific location?
If we want to enter a country, an Therefore,  autonomous community, a province or a city, we Therefore,  can do so directly by selecting the “Location” option.

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