Fraudulent clicks, what they are and how to minimize them.

This practice is particularly serious in search campaigns where the CPC is usually much higher. In short, these are called click fraud. 

Once we know what they are, the most important and practical part Peru Mobile Number List comes: How do we detect these clicks? What do we do when they have cost us a lot of money in a very short period of time?

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What do we do with those fraudulent clicks?

The first filter that we should always keep in mind in our campaigns is “invalid clicks” and “% of invalid clicks”, which will help us identify invalid clicks before debiting them from the account.

It does this through hat are capable of recognizing anomalous behavior. Although the system itself cannot fully control or detect 100% of fraud, there is a team of people (Google Ad Quality Team) in charge of manually investigating other types of fraud on the platform.

How can we detect this type of practice?

Another way to detect this type of practice or suspect when user behavior is not normal can be the following:

  • There are significant spikes in impressions not justified by seasonality.
  • Significant drop in the number of page views from visitors who came from your search campaigns.
  • Significant increase in the bounce rate of visitors who arrived via SEM from the Google Analytics platform.
  • Significant drop in conversions without a decrease in clicks.

And once we detect this fraud, what do we do?

What do we do when we detect fraudulent clicks?

In this case, if you have sufficient reason and data to believe Australia Phone Number that you are experiencing fraud, you should request an investigation from the Google team to validate whether your hypothesis is valid.. We can minimize them by creating custom rules/alerts that notify us when, for example, in one day there are more than 500 clicks on any of the keywords, but even so, we will have to be very attentive.

If you need a hand to implement these recommendations and tips to locate, detect and avoid fraudulent cld we will help you promote your brand in the digital world.

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