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Online Reputation Top 50 Euronext Lisbon, the online visibility of the 50 largest national companies, websites and social networks.

Fernando Coimbra Lopes
Sep 17, 2012
You will certainly not be surprised if someone tells you that the Internet is a great showcase for an increasingly global world. What if someone tells you that Portuguese companies are not taking advantage of it properly? Of course, this is a warning sign, especially for the export sector .internet companies

According to the Top 50 Euronext Lisbon Online

Reputation Barometer, which assessed the online visibility of the 50 largest national companies, 55 percent of managers are associated with at least one negative reference in the first search results on the Google search engine.
Even so, most Portuguese companies Austria Mobile Number List do not have negative references in the first 20 search results.

The 50 largest Portuguese companies, according to the barometer, have little visibility on the internet , with only 27 percent of Portuguese companies having an official Twitter account, compared to 77 percent of international companies. In the case of Facebook, 43 percent of Portuguese companies have an account, while at an international level the percentage rises to 85 percent.

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Portuguese companies can also use the Internet

to increase exports because online Belgium Phone Number there are no longer any physical or geographical limitations.

Many Portuguese companies still consider marketing as a cost and rely heavily on offline marketing.

Some managers have failed to realize that marketing is evolving into a variable cost through the Internet and search engines. Now the strategy is not to reach the masses, but to reach each individual person.

This is a major structural change that affects both the trade fair and advertising sectors.

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