Differences between email marketing and transactional email

Are you familiar with the differences between email marketing and transactional email? I know it may seem a bit obvious at first, but think again before answering this question.

Both are tools that involve the use of email in a business context to communicate with the public. Because of this, it is common to have doubts about the uses of each one. Their functions can end up being confused and harm your communication.

If you want to clarify this issue

don’t leave it there. I guarantee that it will be Oman Phone Number Data a very quick read and you will soon be able to get back to running your business, this time knowing exactly how and in what situation to use each of these tools.

To explain the differences between email marketing and transactional email , let’s start with the basics: the definition of each tool.

Email marketing is the use of email in direct marketing campaigns, sending messages to a list of customers or leads.

Transactional email is characterized by sending emails based on a transaction (hence the name).

Role of each tool within the communication strategy
Given the necessary definitions, let’s move on to the more practical part.

Email marketing is about sending mass emails, in which a large number of people receive the same communication. This is done through a platform full of features and pre-formatted reports.


Disclosures and promotions;

Sending Newsletters to subscribers, customers Australia Phone Number List and interested parties;
Corporate communications (Holidays and Commemorative Dates, for example);
Releases and news.
In the transactional email sending platform, the method of use is via integration (API) and sending is generally individual:

Sending tokens;
Password reminders;
Confirmation of appointments;
Order tracking;
Sending of Invoices;
Billing Submissions.
The difference between email marketing and transactional email, in this aspect, is both in the way it is used and in the characteristics of the platforms.

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