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Although sending a the message only costs 0.2 yuan, but if the frequency of sending is too high , more than once a week, it will be easily block by  Develop exclusive  customers, resulting in a rising churn rate. The restrictions on sending data make it difficult for companies to figure out the direction for subsequent optimization. . 2.  undergo digital transformation for a period of time, they will want to outsource the development of exclusive apps and create an exclusive private traffic platform so that customers can use the app to complete purchases and complete a series of membership marketing content on the app, but this cannot be ignor.

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Initial investment of capital and manpower in the development of app, subsequent maintenance also requires regular payment. Customers may Hong Kong Data  also delete the app due to excessive promotion or insufficient mobile phone capacity, resulting in activity messages. Can’t be deliver. 3.Edm marketing it is a tool that most companies tend to ignore during digital transformation. Many people think that m marketing is an old marketing method, but in fact, many foreign research reports show that the conversion rate of m marketing can reach 4.

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Sending. Generally speaking, you can send an average of 2-3 emails a week, and regular optimization of email subject lines can even increase y Lebanon Phone Number List our open rate! The price of sending a message is only 0.07 yuan. Overall, m marketing is inde the digital marketing tool with the highest cp value at present. In addition, there are data tracking, such as letter opening rate, click rate, unopen rate.

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