Cyberattacks take down state portals

The wave of cyber attacks is not limited to Portugal. As we have reported, cybersecurity has been put to the test in Europe and there is now information that, outside Europe, in Mozambique, several government portals have become inoperable.

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Mozambique: Cyberattacks take down state portals

Mozambique: Attacked websites have message “Attacked by Yemeni hackers”
Several Mozambican public and government institution websites are currently partially inoperative. Replaced by a page announcing a cyber Bahrain Mobile Number List attack. “Attacked by Yemeni hackers” is the title. Written in English, of the page with a photo of  . A man with a machine gun and a headscarf that appears replicated when trying to access different websites.

Among the targets are the portals of the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGD), the. National Highway Administration, the Regional Administration of Águas do Sul or the National Institute of Land Transport (INATTER).

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Mozambique: Cyberattacks take down state portals

However, in the case of INATTER, the subdomain, which gives access to students and driving schools, is operating normally.

The page announcing the attack is Brazil Phone Number List present on the websites.  As is the case with the Ministry of Defense website.



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