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Virtual Cards are said to be among the first products to be convertd to the new system. “We focus on quality. This means safety continues to be our top priority. In addition, we also attach great importance to user-friendliness – just as our customers are usd to from AirPlus.”Even before top representatives from politics, business and the military exchange views on the current world situation at the 56th Munich Security Conference, international decision-makers from business are anticipating rough times.

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Accordingly, current world politics is having a negative impact on both economic development and the number of business trips. This database is the result of the latest AirPlus survey of more than 400 board members and managing directors from Europe, the USA and Asia. There are many reasons for this: In addition to international trade conflicts, riots but also smoldering conflicts and wars play a decisive role: Four out of five companies see this as having a major impact on their economic situation.


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While German companies are still relatively positive. About the future (42 percent do not fear any direct impact on their business development), 93 percent. Of Italian entrepreneurs, 85 percent of. French and 83 percent of Chinese decision-makers Caseno Email List are forecasting difficult times for their business area. Hong Kong: Business travel has fallen massively The extent to which political instability has a direct impact on foreign trade is shown specifically in the case of Hong Kong: According to figures from the AirPlus Business Travel Index, the ongoing protests ld to a massive drop in business trips.

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