Are you trying to compare two products that interest you?

Therefore, you must know your audience well, who they are and what their interests are. This way you will offer them publications that are useful to them. One of the keys to having a successful blog is being clear about who you are writing for. Analyze search intent To do this you need to know the keyword you want to rank for. The goal is to know why your audience searches for those specific terms. Do you want to read a post, make a purchase, or are you trying to compare two products that interest you? When you understand what is behind a user’s search, you are able to offer them the content they want. For example, if you search “proteins for athletes” on Google, you will see that the highest ranked posts are informative. Which means that users want to educate themselves on this topic.

All part of the content

Post format It means choosing the best way to present information . If we follow the previous example, you can make a list with the best proteins for athletes, a guide to teach how to include Egypt WhatsApp Number List  them in training, publish your opinion about a particular brand or publish protein shake recipes. The same search engine research and keyword analysis will give you information about this. Find out what the competition is doing To do SEO for blogs you are also interested in knowing what the competition is doing. That is, what keywords they use, the keywords related to yours, the type of content they publish, the titles and headings they include in their posts, etc. Post: What are Google robots and what do they do? How to do SEO for blogs and optimize your articles? To improve web positioning you have to apply SEO techniques to each of your publications. Below we explain the basic aspects you should pay attention to: Keyword search In the content planning stage you should research and analyze keywords to find what content your audience is interested in. This is the starting point to optimize your posts.

Analyze search intent

There are various tools that will help you research keywords such as Google Keyword Search, Ahrefs or Ubersuggest. In addition to the main search term, you must choose LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing ). These are synonyms for the keywords that serve to provide more context and so that bots better understand what a post is Germany Telegram Number List about. Some keyword ideas that Ubersuggest suggests for “proteins for athletes” are as follows: Optimize the title The title or H1 heading of your post must include the main keyword. It must be clear, direct and refer to the content of the post. Make sure the extension is a maximum of 65 characters, including white spaces. Post structure Use H2, H3, H4, etc. headings. in your post. These will make the content look better and be easier to read. Additionally, bots analyze those headers to understand the post. At least one of the headings or subheadings must include the main keyword. And the length of the text of each one should not exceed 300 words.

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