Ask Friends and Relatives to Purchase and Then Leave a Review

If you’re not a big brand, getting the first few reviews a few days after product launch will help you gain the trust of other potential customers.

Instead of waiting for organic sales to come in and encouraging them to leave a review, you can leverage your own contacts.

You can encourage them to support you, buy your product, and then leave a review. This will not only be a factor that increases your credibility as a seller, you will also improve your search ranking on the Shopee algorithm making your new products easier to find in the marketplace.

Use Shopee Boost and Facebook Ads

At this point, don’t run Shopee My Ads just yet. We will explain why in the next section. Instead, we advise you to take advantage of Shopee’s free product upgrades.


To access this feature, on the Shopee app, go to your store and then go to your product. Underneath all your verified products there is an Upgrade Now button. After doing so, your product will be upgraded 4 hours. After the time has elapsed, you can upgrade it again. You can upgrade up to 4 products at a time.

When products are upgraded, they will appear in the Daily Discover section of Shopee.

It’s also a good idea to target potential buyers who are outside the market. For that, running Facebook ads will come in handy.

For an in-depth guide on how to phone number list run an effective Facebook campaign, you can read our post on Facebook CPA Optimization Strategies.

Run My Ads on Shopee At the Right Time

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Running My Ads on Shopee at the right time means your product should have at least 10 to 15 reviews.

This is because if you run Shopee My Ads and the product doesn’t have reviews yet, product awareness will increase along with the click-through rate but the conversion rate will stay the same if your product doesn’t have social proof of a good quality purchase.

Once you have collected enough Caseno Email List product reviews, you can read our post on Shopee Advertising – How to Choose Keywords and Optimize My Ads on Shopee to maximize the ROI of your campaigns.

When switching from physical sales to online sales, the only thing that changes is the sales platform/medium. The approach to launching a product must remain data-driven. Otherwise, the consequence will be slow sales and a low ROI on your potentially high-potential product.

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