An example of this system is that if your page ranks

In featured snippets, it will not appear in the regular results list. Exact Match Domain System It is a system that makes sure that the searcher does not give too much value to websites with domain names that exactly match the search. This eliminates the belief that if you have the URL with the exact keyword you will rank. Although the domain name is a ranking factor , it will not be more decisive than the content. Update systems It is a Google system created to position new content for searches where these types of results are expected. It has to do with searches related to news or recent events. Useful content system It’s a system designed to make sure people see “useful, original content created by people, for people, rather than something made primarily to get traffic.” Post: Google answers How long does it take to position new pages? Knowing how this system works will be key if you want to position your content on Google.

Page experience system

The search engine was produced with the idea of ​​giving quality results to users and highlighting what was created only for the purpose of having traffic. Link analysis and PageRank systems They Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List are systems created to determine what the content is about and what the most helpful answer to a search may be based on how the pages are linked. Local news systems This system allows news from local sources to be displayed in the results when they are relevant to the person’s search. MUM They are the acronym for Unified Multitasking Model, another of Google’s AI systems, one of the most recently implemented. This AI system can understand and produce language. It is not yet used in general searches, it does serve to improve what is shown in featured snippets and has been used in searches about COVID-19 vaccines. Neural coincidence It is a system that helps Google understand the representations of concepts in search and pages, and relates them.

Product Review System

Original content systems It is a system that serves to ensure that Google shows featured content in its results. For example, a report or study will appear first in the results over a post that cites it. Retreat-Based Positioning Demotion Systems They are Google systems to remove some types of content, it may be for legal reasons, such as copyright, or for personal information, such as sites with abusive practices. Page experience system It is a system that takes into account different criteria, such as speed, usability, mobile optimization , among others, to determine if web pages give a good user experience. Fragment classification system It is a Google AI system that is used to identify parts or fragments ( passages ) of a text to better understand how relevant the page is to a query.

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