Altice Labs creates the world’s fastest

Portugal has stood out in the technology segment, both in terms of human resources and innovation. In the area of ​​telecommunications equipment, one of the companies that has stood out the most is Altice Labs , which is once again making history. The Altice group company has now launched the fastest home router in the world. Discover its features. SFR Box 8X: The router designed for super-fast communications Altice Labs has a new router (FiberGateway), called SFR Box 8X, capable of offering symmetrical capacity (download/upload) of 10 Gbps.


For now this equipment is only

available to customers in France, but it is expected to be available to customers in Portugal soon. This device was launched on February 8th Portugal Mobile Number List and comes with Wi-Fi 6 , 4 interfaces at 1 Gbps and an SFP interface that offers a maximum width of 10 Gbps, through XGS-PON technology. (obviously it has support for SFP at 2.5 Gbps, 5Gbps or 10 Gbps). In the case of 2.4 Ghz.

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This router guarantees

communications up to 900 Mbps (useful). In the case of 5 Ghz, the Belgium Phone Number List communication rate can reach 3.1 Gbps (useful). 4×4 5Ghz, 1200Mbps x4=4800, 160MHz channel, useful 3.1Gbps 4×4 2.4 Ghz, 40Mhz channel, phy rate 300×4=1200Mbps . Useful 900Mbps. Regarding Wi-Fi 6, the following are also noteworthy: OFDMA (Orthogonal frequency division multiple access) modulation – sharing channels to increase network efficiency and decrease latency for uplink and downlink traffic in high-traffic environments.

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