If you understand what motivates them, you will be able to create

content that encourages them to participate and get involved . Identify those groups with which your brand shares values. Get closer to them through videos, send them a clear message. Create experiences in which they recognize their own interests. This way, you encourage them to get involved and give them a unique experience. Post: 22 online marketing tools you should use (2021) Many content creators have opted for this alternative, getting their followers to participate in the activities they organize. you have actually had contact with the product, and this will lead to more clicks and, therefore, purchases. You can show that you have used the product with photographs, but also with good, well-detailed descriptions. If you haven’t had experience with the product, interview someone who has. This is ideal for podcasts and social networks. Another type of content that can help you get clicks on affiliate links are tutorials.

Achieve quality Multi-format content

But it is important to understand that you should not do it just as an online marketing strategy , your commitment must be real . And you can demonstrate it, for example, by optimizing the size of the Honduras WhatsApp Number List videos and images you publish. In addition, the activities you organize for the community. Multi-format content The most popular brands have discovered how effective it is to take advantage of different audiovisual formats on online platforms. If you are on Instagram, for example, you can publish reels or stories, trying to make the best of the time available. On YouTube you can choose to make short, long or Short videos that are now becoming very relevant. The same platform gives you different content options. And, if you manage to capture attention with one of your videos, users will likely follow you and see what else you have to show them. For example, you can publish a Short to generate a little intrigue in the audience before showing them all the content in a classic YouTube video. Give priority.

Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence

In short videos you have little time to capture the audience’s attention. Therefore, the first seconds are essential so that you make it clear what it is about. Additionally, you have to be innovative Turkey Telegram Number List and creative. You can also take advantage of short videos to draw attention to your products or content on other platforms. An example is what this content creator does on her YouTube channel: Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making work much easier and you can take advantage of it to create attractive videos and reach the right audience. That is, there are AI platforms that allow you to generate audiovisuals in a simple way, just by telling the app what you want so that it can interpret it. In this way it is possible to achieve quality videos. But you can also use AI data to better segment your audience and reach the people you want. Are you already applying these audiovisual trends in your marketing strategy? Tell us your experience.

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